Women in SF&F Month 2019

Since 2012, Kristen from Fantasy Cafe has been running Women in SF&F Month every April, gathering together guest posts from a wide range of authors and bloggers. This year, she invited me to contribute. You can catch me over there talking about fae YA and why Jodi McAlister’s Valentine series is awesome.

Kristen also maintains a recommendation list of SFF books written by women. I highly recommend heading over to take a look through it. Perhaps there are some recommendations of your own you’d like to make!

2 thoughts on “Women in SF&F Month 2019”

    1. There’s a lot of the usual stuff you’d expect, but definitely some ones I hadn’t heard of before. As for Valentine, the series hasn’t been published beyond Australia, but I’m pretty sure you can pick it up from Book Depository.

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