Review Policy

I am currently accepting books for review in 2022.

My name is Elizabeth and I established Earl Grey Editing’s blog in August 2014. I post one or two reviews each month. My primary focuses are science-fiction, fantasy & romance, and I prioritise work by Australian authors & publishers. Reviews are cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads, and are posted within two weeks of a book’s launch date wherever possible.

I’m interested in: Fantasy. Science fiction, particularly social sci-fi and space opera. Romance of any kind, though I’m less likely to be interested in contemporary. Queer fiction and young adult fiction, particularly SFF. Australian authors and publishers (big and small).

I’m not interested in: Horror. Most contemporary fiction. I only accept self published titles from authors with whom I have a prior relationship or who have worked with a professional editor. Pitches from people who haven’t paid attention to my guidelines.

I accept hard copies and electronic ARCs in .mobi or (at a stretch) PDF format. I’m also on NetGalley under the user name Calissa. If you think I’d be interested in a book you have available on NetGalley, please let me know either via e-mail [earlgreyediting at gmail dot com] or by sending me an invitation to view the title.