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Today’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week topic is on the books I have read and loved because of fellow bloggers. Well, where do I start?

Memory of In the Forest of Stories is responsible for more than a few recommendations. The thing I love most about Memory is how she owns what she loves. She knows what she likes and doesn’t like, and she talks about it. A lot.

20558124Which is how I got around to reading Thorn by Intisar Khanini. Memory had read Thorn for the Diversiverse reading challenge and continued to rave about it long after. Six months after, in fact. She tweeted about the book being discounted and that pushed me over the edge into buying it. I’m certainly glad I did. It ended up being one of my favourite reads of 2015.  It’s a gorgeous fairytale retelling of the Goose Girl that deals with family abuse, class divides and the devaluing of women’s voices. It almost broke my heart in places. Reviewed here.

I think Memory may have also been responsible for me finally picking up Rat Queens, though, being a tabletop RPGer, I’d argue it was inevitable. Rat Queens is a graphic novel fantasy series about an all-female band of adventurers. Each of the Rat Queens carries her own baggage but they support each other without hesitation or reservation. They also do a great job of kicking ass. My review of the first volume can be read here and I also shared some thoughts on the forthcoming RPG.

22092267Stephanie Gunn is an astute reviewer with extensive experience in judging awards (especially the Aurealis). Our tastes don’t always overlap, but when Stephanie says something is good I pay attention. She’s partially responsible for me picking up Liesmith by Alis Franklin. I’d recently met Alis, but it was Stephanie’s glowing review of the book that convinced me to pick it up. It ended up being another of my favourite reads of 2015. Urban fantasy with m/m romance, Norse gods and an Australian setting. It nails geek culture and has a sly sense of humour. What’s not to love?

Stephanie is still trying to talk me into joining her for the Journey through the Twelve Planets. I can feel my willpower weakening and fear I may have succumbed by the time this is posted.

22734052I recently wrote of how the Book Gannet talked me into trying Anna Hackett. In the Devil’s Nebula probably won’t make my list of favourites for this year, but it was a wonderfully action-packed sci-fi romance that was just what I needed. Reviewed here. The Book Gannet is my go-to person for romance recommendations. Like Steph, if they say it’s worth checking out, I do.

Some Kind of Fairy Tale by Graeme Joyce was a book I probably would have enjoyed on my own. However, having someone to talk it over with made the experience a whole lot more awesome. Lynn O’Connacht made a great reading buddy and taught me a whole lot in the process.

Shaheen of Speculating on Spec Fic and Renay of Ladybusiness have contributed vast amounts to both my Mt TBR and wish list. Shaheen’s taste and mine match pretty well. I’ve also learned a lot about book blogging from her and have appreciated how transparent she has been about her process.

7094569Much like Memory, Renay isn’t shy about letting people know what she loves–again, something I love about her. Along with giving me some excellent recommendations (she and Ysabet MacFarlane took turns convincing me to read Mira Grant’s Feed), she has warmly welcomed me into the book blogging community and taught me a whole lot about fandom and the international SFF scene to boot.

I’m so grateful for all of these lovely people, even if their efforts have left Mt TBR perilously high. Please share the love and check out their blogs.


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    1. Always a pleasure to add to someone else’s Mt TBR! I hope you enjoy both Rat Queens and Thorn as much as I did.

      Thanks for stopping by, Heather!

    1. My pleasure! It’s always good to share the pain recommendations. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, Christy.

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