Mt TBR report: June 2015


June was an exceptionally busy month for work, so I’m a little surprised I got in as much reading as I did. Mt TBR actually shrunk! This was partly because I returned a couple of books I’d borrowed before things got busy, but I was also good about not picking up too many new books. Hopefully, I can continue this trend.

Mt TBR status

Mt TBR @ 1 January 2015: 202
Mt TBR @ 31 May 2015: 220
Mt TBR @ 30 June 2015: 215

Books read

28. Saga Vol. 4 by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples. Reviewed here.

29. The Magpie Lord by KJ Charles. Reviewed here.

30. Aurora: Meridian by Amanda Bridgeman. Review forthcoming.

31. Malifaux: Rising Powers by Wyrd Games. This is a manual for a tabletop skirmish game. It includes some stories along with rules for new models, introducing some interesting characters into the world of Malifaux.

32. Interlude with Tattoos by KJ Charles. This is a short story set almost immediately after The Magpie Lord. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, since I thought it would tell the tale of how Lucien came by the largest of his tattoos. However, I still adored it.

Books acquired

Checkers’ Asylum by Jarrod Elvin
The Rebel Returns by Becca Lusher
Interlude with Tattoos by KJ Charles

Online reading

The Court of Five Thrones Ch 43-48 by Pia Foxhall. Some new dynamics settle into place. While these are largely positive (and I enjoyed seeing them immensely), the danger is not over for Gwyn and the Unseelie Court. As usual, a reminder that this is an original fantasy m/m erotica and not suitable for all audiences.

The Wildness Within Ch 8-11 by Pia Foxhall. These few chapters were almost enough to make me like the Raven Prince. I especially liked his manipulations of the Oak King.

Sea Foam and Silence  Ch 1- 16 by Lynn O’Connacht. This is a free-verse serial poem about a mermaid determined to prove she is just as grown-up as her sisters. Lynn has a knack for writing innocent voices and this series is no exception.

The Merger by Sunil Patel. A short story about Paresh and Sita, a married couple who are offered the chance of a lifetime by an amorphous alien looking to possess Paresh’s body in exchange for a small fortune. Paresh and Sita were both easy to relate to and I loved Sita’s practical side. The corporate legalese spoken by the alien is pretty hilarious.

What have you read this month?