Read-a-thon mini-challenge: Books and Beverages


Welcome Read-a-thoners and regular readers! We’re deep into Dewey’s 24-hour read-a-thon, with Hour 17 just about to get underway. It tends to get a bit quiet around this time of day… because it’s not day for participants in most other time zones. It’s the time where we’re all reaching for some additional caffeine or sugar. By now, I’ve probably consumed enough tea to fill the Tasman Sea and will need more if I hope to power through until the end.

The Task

It’s probably obvious that books and tea are obsessions of mine. So, tell me: What are you reading at the moment and what beverage do you have on hand? If you have a favourite tea, I’d love to hear it! Just leave a comment below. Extra kudos to anyone keen to link me to a photo.

The Prize

A book from worth US$15 or less. This is giveaway is open to international participants.

Australian readers may opt instead for a bundle of gently used SFF books, if they wish.

The winner will be announced and contacted once the event wraps up!



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