Preparation for Dewey’s read-a-thon: October 2016

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Mt TBR hit 300 books last week. That’s far and away the highest it has ever been and it’s freaking me out a little. Fortunately, my very favourite reading challenge is on this weekend.

Dewey’s read-a-thon runs twice a year–in April and October. It runs for 24 hours, but participation for the full length is optional. Which is a good thing, because this round will be kicking off at 11 PM on Saturday 22 October for the east coast of Australia. As usual, I plan to be asleep by then, but will be up early to cram as much reading as possible into my waking hours.

It will be interesting to see just how much reading I’ll accomplish. In addition to reading, I also plan to do some cheering and will be hosting a mini-challenge for the first time (eeek!). Plus I have a friend coming over for a read-in. I’ve always done read-a-thons solo, so I’ll be interested to see how this changes the experience.

Of course, a read-a-thon requires books! I find myself reluctant to commit to a particular list this time, but here’s a few things I’m thinking about tackling:

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Surprising no one, there’s a ton of Australian YA speculative fiction involved.

If you need to tame your own Mt TBR or are looking to connect with a great community of book bloggers, it’s not too late to join! You can sign up, follow on Twitter, join the Goodreads group or any combination of the three. If you’ve already signed up, I’d love to hear about what you’ll be reading.

8 thoughts on “Preparation for Dewey’s read-a-thon: October 2016”

  1. I’m very excited for you that you’re hosting a mini-challenge !

    And I love the idea of a read in – maybe I will be able to convince Mr Books to read with me for a while.

    My mission tomorrow is to get my final stack & my post together!

    1. I’m excited too! Though also a little nervous…

      I don’t think a read-in is something I’d want to do for every read-a-thon, but it can be nice to have company. If this one goes well, I might think about inviting a few more people along for the next one.

      I saw you got your post up! I shall have to wander over and have a look.

    1. I loved ILLUMINAE but haven’t yet read any of Kristoff’s solo stuff. It seems to be getting a lot of love, though!

  2. Hi Elizabeth, I’m popping by to meet you as a fellow #Team OZ member. How great to be hosting an Aussie mini challenge. I’ll look forward to it. I hope you read Black. I enjoyed Risk last year, and saw Fleur speak at the Newcastle Writers Festival this year- she was very impressive. I’m looking forward to my first readathon.

    1. Hi Louise! Thanks for stopping by. How did you find your first readathon?

      I didn’t get to reading Black for the readathon. However, it has been entered into the Aurealis Awards (for which I’m a judge), so I’ll have to make time for it before February!

  3. My TBR mountain will never be tamed! I have just come to accept that I’m always going to have a ridiculous TBR list. I do feel very happy with having segregated my nonfiction into a separate spreadsheet tab — before, when I didn’t do that, nonfiction kind of took over my list, and it didn’t make any sense by comparison with how much nonfiction I actually read (15-20%). So now my, like, official TBR list hovers around 200-250 books, and my nonfiction tab will probably never stop growing because more awesome nonfiction gets published every day and I don’t read most of it. (sob)

    1. I still can’t quite bring myself to give up the battle, even though I know it is more than likely a futile one.

      Segregating your TBR is an interesting move. I segregate my wish list into fiction, non-fiction and poetry, but don’t segregate Mt TBR. Do you make a distinction between your Mt TBR and your wish list? Or is it that you acquire a lot of non-fiction?

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