A portrait of Mt TBR



My very first post to this blog mentions that Mt TBR was reaching perilous new heights after I became involved with the book blogging community. The post sounds naive to me now, particularly as I wrote it before I started accepting review books. I thought Mt TBR was high back then, but it has grown steadily ever since. Even though my reading pace has increased, Mt TBR is at a personal best (or is it worst?) of 232 books as I write this.

The reactions I get when I tell people my Mt TBR number tend to fall into two categories. Some (almost invariably book bloggers) will nod in recognition; a select few even consider me a lightweight (and rightly so. I’ve seen the number of books the award judges have to get through!). Some–particularly casual readers–boggle at the number. Where do I manage to keep all those books?

Behold the physical incarnation of Mt TBR:


I know it goes against instinct, but ignore the bookshelf. Mt TBR is in the boxes next to the bookshelf. It’s not exactly a mountain, but keeping it boxed up does make it fairly manageable. Especially with Aurelius keeping guard on top.

Of course, the books those boxes contain aren’t the entirety of Mt TBR. There are some additional books that have already made themselves a home on my various bookshelves, despite their unread status. My Kindle tells me that it hosts 39 unread e-books, with a few more still needing to be loaded.

However, when I think of Mt TBR, this is mostly what I picture:

Weekly Mt TBR

What does your Mt TBR look like? Is it an intimidating alpine range or a manageable molehill?