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Mt TBR Report: April 2019

April generally sees a spike in my reading, in part due to Dewey’s Readathon (there’s a corresponding spike in October, when the readathon also runs). This year’s spike is a bit bigger than usual, as I never quite slowed down after the readathon was over. Mt TBR Status Mt TBR @ 1 January 2019: 442 […]

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Mt TBR Report: March 2019

  With Aurealis judging done and fewer reading and book club commitments, my reading slowed down a little in March… although not as much as I expected it to. Mt TBR is inexplicably continuing to shrink and I find I’m starting to make progress on the oldest part of the ranges. Mt TBR Status Mt […]

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Mt TBR Report: February 2019

This February was my second-best month for reading on record. It was beaten only by January 2017, which was not coincidentally the last time I faced a deadline for Aurealis judging. It seems that deadlines continue to be the best way to motivate me. This month was also helped by a couple of four-hour train […]

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Mt TBR Report: January 2019

It’s amazing the way the minute I say I don’t care about shrinking Mt TBR it goes and shrinks. A lot of it was due to Aurealis reading, which had to be wrapped up. However, I also did a bit of decluttering. It’s nice to have the pile below 400 books again. Mt TBR Status […]

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Mt TBR Report: December 2018 & Yearly Wrap-up

Happy New Year! I hope those of you celebrating had wonderful holidays. I had a good break and was glad to spend some time with my family. The only down side was I didn’t get as much reading done as I would have liked. Speaking of which, it’s time for me to take a good […]

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Mt TBR Report: November 2018

As I’ve mentioned before, my reading stats tend to be down in November. I generally manage 6-8 books, so I was pleased that I managed the higher end of that range this year. I reviewed two collections of short stories this month, which slowed me down. The stop-start of short story anthologies is more difficult […]

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Mt TBR Report: October 2018

October was my birthday month and one of my gifts was a Kobo e-reader (to help me break free of Amazon’s evil clutches). So, I might have got a little excited with purchases. I also borrowed a pile of books on journaling from a friend. Even my voracious reading this month wasn’t enough to help […]

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Mt TBR Report: September 2018

September went a long way towards getting my Mt TBR back under control. I knocked out some shorter bits and pieces in the first half of the month. I was ill for much of the second half and reading proved to be a good distraction. Mt TBR Status Mt TBR @ 1 January 2018: 351 […]

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Mt TBR Report: August 2018

  My Mt TBR cracked 400 books this month; I may have a problem. I can’t even blame it on the Aurealis judging this time. Instead, I found myself picking up a lot of romance novels… even though it’s going to take me a while to get to them. Mt TBR Status Mt TBR @ […]

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Mt TBR Report: July 2018

Any good progress I made on shrinking Mt TBR last month has been undone and then some. Books for Aurealis judging started arriving in earnest and I discovered a few more Hugo nominees I hadn’t properly added to my list. Then my sweetheart took me on a date to a second-hand bookstore. How’s a girl […]

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