Welcome To The Earl Grey Editing Blog


Being an avid reader usually goes hand-in-hand with being an editor. I don’t think I know a single writer or editor who doesn’t possess a giant pile of books to read. For me, many of the books I acquire come from working in the industry—bought because I know one of the writers or editors, or because I encountered the publisher at a convention. This is more than enough to keep Mount To-Be-Read teetering perilously.

In more recent years, I’ve had the joy of stumbling across a diverse and thriving community of book bloggers. Needless to say, their recommendations combined with my weak willpower in relation to books has sent Mt TBR soaring to alarming new heights. Something had to be done.

Welcome to my new blog.

Consider this my revenge on the book blogging community. You’ll find reviews and plenty of reports on my attempts to scale Mt TBR. You’ll also see convention reports, interviews with members of the publishing community, and news of publishing opportunities.

It might be possible that there will also be the occasional post about my other great love: tea. Because nothing goes better with a good book than a good cup of tea, right?