Australian SF Snapshot 2016

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Back in 2005, Australian writer Ben Peek spent a week interviewing 43 people in the Australian SFF scene. Thus was the Aussie SpecFic Snapshot born. Held every two years (more or less), it has grown bigger each time. The event now consists of an entire team who create a broad overview of Australian SFF by interviewing a range of writers, editors, artists and fans.

The Snapshot last ran in 2014, when I had the great delight of being interviewed by Helen Stubbs. This year, the Snapshot is running from 1 August until 14 August. There are a heap of  fantastic interviews already posted at the central Snapshot website, including my interview by Stephanie Gunn. You can also find the interview on Steph’s blog.

I’m going a step further this year and have joined the interviewing team. You can expect things here to be a little more lively over the next week or two as I post the interviews in addition to some of my regular content.