Earls of a Grey Feather

With 2022 breathing down our necks, it seems like an excellent time to introduce some changes that will be taking place with the Earl Grey Editing blog in the new year.

First up, I’m very pleased to announce that I will be joining Nerds of a Feather as a regular reviewer. The existing team write some really thoughtful content, the quality of which is attested to by the fact they’ve been nominated for a Hugo Award every year since 2017. I’m thrilled that they’ve taken me under their wing. You can already find my introductory interview up on their site.

Becoming a NoaF contributor means that once a month (at this stage) there will be a link here taking you to my post on the Nerds of a Feather site. To better align my schedule with NoaF, posting will be shifted to Thursdays AEST.

Posting frequency will also increase to once a week. In addition to my usual review post, Mt TBR update, and now NoaF review, I’m also returning to an old interview series.

In its original form, Brewing Community focused on experiences of community in speculative fiction and fandom circles. It touched on how these networks could be both supportive and stressful. This time around, I wanted to put some focus on how these experiences of community may have changed in recent years, and how people would like to see them change, as well as delving into what books and media have brought comfort. I’ll have some former interviewees returning, as well as plenty of new ones. I’m very excited to share what they have to say.

With all of this going on, I’m sure 2022 will prove to be an adventure. I hope you’ll join me.

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