Bout of Books #21

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Round 21 of Bout of Books wrapped up on Sunday, so it’s time for me to check in with my progress!

In my sign-up post, I mentioned my goal was to get through a minimum of three books. One of the books on my list, The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty, was over 500 pages, so I was concerned I was being a bit too ambitious. However, the book was less dense than I was expecting and I made it through. I also finished reading Hunger Makes the Wolf by Alex Wells (which I’d started prior to the challenge) and two-thirds of Ironheart by Jodi McAlister. So, it wasn’t exactly three books, but altogether I read a little over 1000 pages. I’m calling that a win.

What about you? Did you join in Bout of Books last week? If so, how did you do? If not, what did you read over the week?

For those interested in the next Bout of Books, it will take place on 14-20 May 2018. For further details, keep an eye out here or head over to the Bout of Books blog.