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Book Bloggers Appreciation Week has already kicked into gear and today I’m delighted to host fellow book blogger Hillary Roberts of Adventures in Never Never Land. She has been kind enough to answer my questions and asked me some good ones in return. ¬†You can get in touch with Hillary and check out my interview answers over on her blog.

First, and most important, what’s your favourite hot beverage?

This would have to be pumpkin spice coffee. I live for every fall when it first comes out. It can’t be too warm either — the weather has to be that perfect blend of crisp yet still a little warm for me to fully enjoy it.

Sounds tasty! Though I’m a tea girl myself.

What has been the most interesting thing you’ve read so far this year?

Ha the most INTERESTING? ūüôā This is a tricky question. There are the books that I enjoyed like the Tsar of Love and Techno then there are the books that wormed their way into my soul and made me fear for humanity, like Zombie by Joyce Carol Oates. Zombie was a mind-fuck of a book. It is hard to get into but once it does you go through parts of it horrified then you tell yourself it is fiction and you get a bit of reprieve before you realize THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE LIKE THIS IN REAL LIFE then if you are like me you start thinking about your tiny house away from humanity more often.

What has being part of the book blogging community meant to you?

It has been a place where I can share my love of books and people won’t make comments about how nerdy I am or some such. I mean I AM a nerd. I even play games and all of that but some of my in real life friends make it sound like it is a great big sin. I have made friends in the book blogging community that I¬†can share my latest finds with and geek out over whatever.

Nerd pride! I’m a gamer myself and am into tabletop RPGs. What sorts of games do you like to play and what are you playing at the moment?

I am not much into Tabletop RPGs but I am a heavy user World of Warcraft.

Gaming isn’t the only thing we have in common. Like me, you are a freelancer as well as a book blogger. How do you handle balancing blogging with freelancing and your own creative projects?

I use the power of time blocking! When I¬†first heard of this idea in the book The 4-Hour Workweek I¬†thought it was brilliant. Then I¬†tried it and I¬†was sold. You won’t believe how much you can fit into a day if you do it right!

You recently reviewed¬†Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. What’s your favourite book on creativity?

This would have to be The Artist’s Way. I go through it at least once a year and it amazes me how creative and free I¬†feel after doing it yet again. It is like I have all these creativity layers that need to be peeled back and each time I¬†go through the book another layer comes off. My writing even takes on new shapes and meanings.

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If you’d like to catch up with Hillary, you can find her at Adventures in Never Never Land as well as on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. First of all, I love the fall coffees too. Yum! Secondly, isn’t it nice how we can all be just as ‘bookish’ as we like and no one thinks we are strange or weird or obsessed. I love that!

    1. Not long now until fall arrives in the Southern Hemisphere! I’m looking forward to it.

      The warmth and acceptance of the book blogging community is one of my favourite things about it–along with its sheer, unbridled enthusiasm.

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