Continuum 14 Schedule

Next Friday I’ll be down in Melbourne gearing up for the start of Continuum 14. The Guests of Honour are Cat Sparks and Alison Evans. This will be my second year attending; I was really impressed by the programming last year and couldn’t resist coming back.

Speaking of programming, I’ve been scheduled on some fantastic panels this year.

So You Want to be a Book Reviewer
Friday, 8 June, 5 PM
Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Marisa Wikramanayake, Figgy

An exploration of the best ways of getting on publisher lists, experiences had with publishers (positive or negative), and the pros and cons of e-copy of physical review copies.

Feminism and Tabletop Roleplaying Games
Friday, 8 June, 7 PM
Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Bismuth, Tania Walker, Lexie (Darren), Brit Snaggel

Games that foster diversity and inclusivity. Games that specifically open space for genderqueer, asexual or disabled characters. Games that don’t necessarily focus on epic tales of heroism, but treat relationships and the domestic sphere as worthy of focus.

One Star
Monday, 11 June, 11 AM
Devin Madson, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Figgy, Liz Barr

How to handle negative reviews as an author and as a reviewer. Some forums, especially Goodreads, can foster an Us versus Them mentality. What’s the professional and respectful way to approach critical reviews?

Raise the Castle or Raze the Castle?
Monday, 11 June, 12:30 PM
Lexie (Darren), Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Kathryn Andersen, Gillian Polack

Western Epic Fantasy seems to default to a European Feudal background. Why? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? What sort of different backgrounds would be good, without straying into the territory of cultural appropriation?

In addition to the panels, I’ll also be at the book launch for Mother of Invention taking place at 2 PM Sunday 10 June. I’m so proud to have a story in this anthology and I’m looking forward to seeing it out in the world.

If you’re along this year, please say hi! However, if Melbourne is a bit too far away for you or conventions aren’t your scene, I’ll be writing up a report once I’m home again.