Scaling Back

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Last week I took a hiatus to get things back on track and to have a think about the future of the blog. As I mentioned there, I have been dealing with burnout for a while and it has become apparent to me that my current workload is unsustainable. Having given it some thought, I’m going to be scaling back on my current blogging schedule. Instead of posts twice a week, I’ll be shifting to once a week (well, some will be twice a week, but mostly once a week). This won’t take place right away. My schedule for April was already solidly booked with exciting things. But, come May, my posting frequency will be dropping back.

This wasn’t an easy decision; I’d rather be blogging more frequently, not less. However, ignoring my limits really isn’t wise. Thank you to everyone who expressed support in private and on social media. I appreciated it so much.

2 thoughts on “Scaling Back”

  1. Ignoring your limits really ISN’T wise, so I’m super glad that you’re paying attention to yours and making decisions that are healthy for you. Even though, obviously, I will be sad to see fewer posts from you. <3

    1. Thank you, Jenny. It makes me a bit grumpy because there are so many awesome books I want to tell you all about. But health does come first.

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