Read My Valentine 2017

Read My Valentine, Earl Grey Editing, romance reading challenge

I’ve mentioned many times that I’m a sucker for a reading challenge and I have especially loved the themed challenges Carl has run at Stainless Steel Droppings. There’s Once Upon A Time for fantasy from March until June. There’s Readers Imbibing at Peril for dark fantasy, supernatural and horror over the Halloween period. And there’s The Sci-fi Experience over December and January. These challenges pretty much cover all of my favourite genres except one: romance.

To cover this gapĀ I ran Read My Valentine last year and spent February reading and reviewing romance novels. I enjoyed it so much that I decided I would run it again this year. It’s a low-pressure challenge where you can set your own target. I think this year I’ll be aiming to read at least 5 romance novels. I’ll also be reviewing plenty of romance novels this month, including m/f, m/m and f/f pairings.

If you’re interested in joining in, you can leave a link to your sign-up post below or use #ReadMyValentine for Twitter and Instagram. And if you have any great romance recommendations, I’d love to hear them!