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Earl Grey Editing’s Blog Anniversary

Today is a very special day for me because it marks one year since the very first post went up here on the Earl Grey Editing blog. And what a year it has been! When Melissa Hartfiel of Fine Lime Designs first designed the website for Earl Grey Editing, she asked me if I wanted […]

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Tea break

I had an encounter with writer’s block this week. I’ve been working on a post about fanfic that’s just not coming together. Over at Strange Horizonsa couple of weeks ago, Renay of Ladybusiness shared a bit about her first fandom and her relationship to fanfic. I’d already been thinking about my own relationship to fandom […]

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To star or not to star?

  One of the things I struggled with when starting this blog was whether or not to star my reviews.┬áThis is something I’m sure every book blogger thinks about at some point or another. Back in March, Renay pondered review styles over at Ladybusiness. Less recently, I recall Shaheen of Speculating on Spec Fic mention […]

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I’m a pretty stubborn reader. I crave completion and always want to know how the story ends. Almost always, anyway. It takes a lot to make me put down a book, but it has happened occasionally. Most recently was The Meeting of the Waters by Caiseal Mor, back in February. This got me thinking about […]

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Diversity and Reading

It’s that time of year where readers and reviewers are taking stock of what they’ve read, looking at their stats (if they track them) and make goals for the new year. You’ve probably noticed I’ve been doing the same. It was in this spirit that Andi of Estella’s Revenge posted her thoughts on the slippery […]

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Short fiction and reviewing

  Two weeks ago, I came across a post from Renay at Lady Business about her struggles with the field of short SF fiction. The short fiction field is huge and it’s flooded with so much work that no one reader could begin to keep up (did anyone ever keep up? Was it possible, long […]

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Bias and reviewing

While I was at Conflux, I heard a lot of talk about the importance of reviews. This wasn’t limited to the panel on reviewing, but cropped up at book launches, at other panels and in conversation. With the rise of e-publishing, competition is fierce and it is important to stand out from the crowd. Reviews […]

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