Continuum 15 Schedule

Winter starts this weekend, which means Continuum is just around the corner! Continuum 15 also happens to be Australia’s Natcon this year. It will be held in Melbourne on 7-10 June and the Guests of Honour are Kate Elliott and Ken Liu. I’m super excited to be attending!

I’m also delighted to be scheduled on some fantastic panels this year:

Roll of the Dice
When: Friday, 7 June, 6 PM
Panelists: Elizabeth Fitzgerald (moderator), David McGorlick, Lauren Mitchell

Roleplaying games seem to increase in popularity every year and more and more media is produced off the back of our love of them. Podcasts, videos, novelisations and more. What attracts us to these worlds and this way of gaming and how much bigger will this industry grow?

Recommendations Panel
When: Monday, 10 June, 11 AM
Panelists: Elizabeth Fitzgerald (moderator), Sam Hawke, Tam

Get ready to blow up your TBR pile!

Evil cackle? What evil cackle? I don’t hear anything.

In between panels, GoH talks and awards ceremonies, I plan to fit in a tea expedition to Lupicia and a game of Monster of the Week with the usual suspects.

If you’re along this year, please say hi!