Bout of Books #20

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Round 20 of Bout of Books wrapped up yesterday, so it’s time for me to check in with my progress!

In my sign-up post, I mentioned my goal was to get through a minimum of three books. Sadly, I didn’t even make that many. I struggled with focus, partly distracted by my radio discussion of Kaaron Warren’s The Grief Hole. I spent some of the week skimming through that to refresh my memory, instead of picking up Glenda Larke’s Heart of the Mirage (which I am still determined to get to before the end of the year). I also read Tansy Rayner Roberts’ short story Fake Geek Girl which I will be reviewing here soon. I followed that up with the sequel Unmagical Boy Story, which I listened to on audio via Tansy’s podcast. And I made it most of the way through A Voyage Through Air, a middle-grade fantasy novel by Peter F. Hamilton.

So, all up, it wasn’t my finest week for reading. Perhaps I’ll have better luck (or focus) next time.

What about you? Did you join in Bout of Books last week? If so, how did you do? If not, what did you read over the week?

For those interested in the next Bout of Books, it will take place on 8-14 January 2018. For further details, keep an eye out here or head over to the Bout of Books blog.